Tuesday, June 29, 2010

one step forward

since i was in KL last week and my friends said that SI result is out already
after refused calling PIC but didn't answer
i decided to go to KLCC to to check my SI status

accompanied by NOLY, i entered HR office at level 63
and met the receptionist
i filled the visitor book and told her my purpose

she tried to call KUDIN (the PIC)
he was in meeting, but since i already there, he came out to check the result

i didn't speak to him directly
he told through the receptionist by phone

after that she came to me,
then she shook my hand and said:

you are

i asked her 3 times, to make confirmation, because i didn't believe it.. seriously

SYUKRAN ALLAH. all of this is from YOU

i knoe my mom very happy more than me...=)

noted: R is not giving 100% chance to get the placement. we are given 6 months to wait for that. there was a case that R graduate didn't get a placement for more than 1 year.

for me, itu rezeki. always PRAY to HIM. insyaAllah..


congrats to all R candidates too... especially 5.1 mates


Jemi said...

congrats... update sokmo blog yo lo ni... hahaha!!!

s0dep said...

congrats untuk mu jgk.. baru jah update tu.. skali update 3 post tros..haha.. sajo busan2

humairah said...

=) tenkiu ty..
pray hard for it!