Friday, December 26, 2008

glad and shock

happy sgt dpt jupe kwn2 5.1 (jehan, nisa, sara, bell, fath). temasuk syah, ema, mas and ezzah dari komuniti laen.hehe.

to syah, be strong k. kehilangan 2 biji tayar keta berhampiran kondo PV5 benar2 memeranjatkan kami smua. sama2 kita jadikan ni teladan n pengarajaran.

part plg besh accidently jupe fath kat KL sentral. mcm2 wat reunion plak. nisa plak terlepas bas sbb duk asek sgt borak. lame kan xjupe. mcm2 cite.hehe. naseb baek bas byk n tiket xmhl sgt.

miss u all my frenz.

p/s: need to do holiday planning during internship. masa utk bercuti.hehe

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

tough and complicated task

it has been 4 weeks i work at carigali hess as an intern student. nearly complete 1 months here. what i had done at this company during 3weeks ago...just but now, this week, i feel the work pressure..
fyi, i have been attached to operational and development department, under rotating machinery group. and my supervisor is mr mohd fadzil. very kind n smart man. he can tell everything about machinery. pergh!! i'm really impressed with him. and one i think i salute him is he teaches and guide me how to learn properly. how to ask people, how to communicate, and the most important is try to learn it by yourself first before asking people. do revision b4 asking. and dont ask stupid question. that will show how stupid you are. haha..

now, my task is already gave to me. RBES. risk based equipment strategy. strategy to find the best technique to maintain the system and to prevent repeatedly failure. and also to minimize the cost of maintenance. sound easy. but for me, a very new person in offshore work or generally work field, i need to understand the system first before proceed to RBES task. i need to know every instruments that have in one system and the function each them and also investigate what is the critically spare parts. bofore this my sv said, i just need to do RBES for the engine (rolls royce rb211 and solar 60 gas turbine) part only. but last friday, he told that we need to do for the whole systems in platform because during the meeting, he had been selected to be a leader for RBES project. YA Allah! mampos. satu sistem pun aku da pening. ni kan plak berpuluh sistem.

of course, this is not only my task. this is group work. we need to do together. i'm going to help my sv. we need to discuss with process group, mechanical group, instrument group to make decisions. and my sv always remind me that engineering work really need cooperation. that why communication skills is really important.

a bit upset that intern student cannot go to offshore for site visit. damn. we can just visit warehouse, workshop and yard to experience any part of the system. of course not the whole system.waa..kan besh kalo dpt g offshore.skali pun xpe..huhu

gtg. bye2

Thursday, December 11, 2008


selamat menyambut hari raya aidil adha diucapkan kepada semua umat islam seluruh dunia. aidil adha atau dalam kata lainnya hari raya qurban.

selama hidup dimuka bumi Allah ni, brapa kali pengorbanan yg da kita smua wat. adakah pengorbanan kite itu wajar? apa kita dpt bila kita da berkorban?

aku pun da xigt ape pengorbanan yg aku buat. bukannye xde, tp smuanya secara xlansung. tp kdg2 ego mengatasi smua nya. kdg2 kita rase x berbaloi berkorban untuk sesuatu. tp adalah kita layak untuk judge korban itu layak ke x?
tepuk dada tya selera.

berkorban masa atau membuang masa? rasenye lbh byk kite membuang masa dari bekorban masa. fikir2 kan lah...

Monday, December 1, 2008

carigalihess operating company

standard 1st day, mcm2 kekalutan melanda diri. tertinggal hp, train yg sesak, slh masuk lift kat klcc ni.huh.. moga esok xbrulang lg..