Tuesday, February 23, 2010


i chatted with one of my friend tru gtalk. i started p.m him to ask him whether he is recommended or not to work with PETRONAS. just wanna ask his experience during Structured Interview. he said he recommended. then i asked him how many graduates from his batch recommended. he said not sure, but for girls its really HARD to find who is recommended.

why is this happen to us as girls? may be because of engineering course is not really suit to female. then company dont assured that we can do engineering jobs. who knows.

i already did ability test. this test is a platform for us to get structured interview. and as usual, this test is SUSAH giler BAB1. majority i answered the questions with no confident. and others also felt the same. but i hope i will pass it and get the structured interview. whether to be recommended or not it depends on my luck. kalau ada rezeki tak kemana

i had applied many jobs thru job seeking websites. and luckily now i got 2 companies who want to interview me. one is done (phone interview). another one on this saturday at ipoh. i will attend this interview for reasons:
- to gain experience on interview.
- back up plan if i'm not recommended to work with my sponsor.

no matter what, for me getting the job is a fortune. and nobody knows it. we just can do the best and pray to Allah.

p/s: FYP pun xsiap lagi. nak kije plak kan

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


it's 320 a.m now. waiting transferred series/movies to my e-HD complete.

open my blog, and suddenly feel to change blog layout. search and surf through internet for available and interesting layout. then found it!!

heart feels hard to trust people
mind thinks not worth to go deeper about relationship
the answer is, may be I'm not ready

past experiences already taught me

Thursday, February 4, 2010


26+5+1986 = 2017
2+0+1+7 = 10
1+0 = 1

and the answer is....

- Hadir dengan idea baru. - Memperolehi sesuatu dengan cara yang tersendiri. - Golongan ini merupakan yang paling jujur dan boleh mempelajari dengan baik teknik diplomasi. - Mereka suka mengambil inisiatif dan suka menjadi yang terbaik dan kebiasannya adalah pemimpin atau boss. - Bekerja sendiri merupakan pilihan terbaik mereka. Perkara yang perlu dipelajari: Idea dan pendapat yang lain mungkin baik atau lebih baik. Berfikirlah secara terbuka. Golongan terkenal yang mempunyai nombor lahir 1: Abe, Tom Hanks, Robert Redford, Hulk Hogan, Coral Burnett, Wynona Judd, Nancy Reagan, Requel Welach.

this phrase was extracted from one of the quiz in facebook..
sounds suit with me..huhu