Saturday, November 13, 2010

live your life

it almost 3 weeks i started to work as 3rd party at Carigali Hess. contract just for 3 months only. dont bother about that. at least i got the job rather than do nothing at home. what happen to P? i dont wanna think about it anymore. if let say my destiny is not with P, there're a lot of chance to find a sustenance out there. the important is, dont lose the spirit. always pray for the best. sometime the thing that we really want it not necessary the best to us.
for those who think that they got the bad news, try to think in positive way. so that we can live our life happily ever after.. dont ever give up!!!


qalbi said...

waa..bagus2..i like dat spirit =p mmg dok tumpang spirit 2 la dr dl =)

s0dep said...

hehe.. jom kite same2 kekalkan spirit ni...=)